We know a lot about the physical body and its functions through developments in modern science and medicine, however there is still a wealth of knowledge to be learned about the body’s subtle energy systems. It is widely understood that everything is composed of energy and has its own unique pattern of vibration called frequencies. From an energetic perspective, the human body is made up of different layers of energy known as the 5 subtle energy bodies. These energy layers interconnect and interact to form an energy field around the physical body commonly referred to as the auric field. In the past few decades consensus in the science and medical community supports the existence of these energies and has termed them the “biofield”. The frequencies of the biofield can not necessarily be seen by the physical eye thus they are also called subtle energies, or the subtle energy body. Only recently these frequencies have been measured. For example, magnetic pulses and electric fields produced by cells and tissues on the surface of the skin can now be detected with the use of technology such as electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, magnetocardiography, and magnetoencephalography. 

The energy of the biofield regulates the biochemical, cellular, and neurological processes of the physical body. This means that any dis-ease you may feel such as back pain, depression, fatigue, or other life challenges are the result of a disruption in the energy body and are ultimately expressed in the physical body. 

The 5 Energy Bodies

The first layer of the energy body is the physical body. The physical body is composed of lower-vibrating denser energy known as matter and is easily viewed by our physical perception. Conventional medicine often focuses only on the physical nature of the body, missing the important roles that the subtle energy layers play in our physical well-being. If we look at our bodies as energy, we can see the body in a larger context and understand the energetic effects of disease and healing. 

The second energy layer is the etheric body. It is a grid-like matrix that resides very close to the physical body (approximately 1-2” away) and is considered the energetic blueprint of the physical body. Each bone, organ, and cell has an energetic expression in the etheric body. The frequency of the etheric body determines the health of the physical body. Disharmony in this layer results in disease in the physical body. Illness often appears in the energy field before it is expressed in the physical body. 

The third energy layer of the energy body is the emotional layer. This is where emotional patterns and feelings are located. What we consistently feel gets locked into this layer as an emotional pattern and is expressed in our personality and how we interact and relate with the people and things in our environment. This layer is susceptible to volatile movements in energy depending on the emotions the individual is feeling or what they are exposed to at the time. 

The fourth layer of the energy body is the mental energy layer. It vibrates approximately 3-8 inches away from the physical body and is very closely related to the emotional layer. This is where belief systems, personal truths, and experiential perceptions reside. Reactions to our thought patterns also influence the energy composition of this layer. 

The fifth and last layer of the energy body is the spiritual layer. In this layer the individual energy meets and connects to the wider field of universal life force energy and consciousness. It holds the energy of our intentions and desire to align with our higher purpose and mission.

The further away from the physical body, the faster the energy vibrates, meaning the physical body is the slowest vibration of the energy body, and the spiritual energy body vibrates the fastest. 

The Chakra System

Ancient Indian and Chinese cultures understood the concept of the subtle body and maintained the presence of an energetic anatomy in addition to the anatomy of the physical body. The anatomy of the energy body includes energy channels and energy centers. Each subtle energy body connects to the physical body through energy centers called chakras. There are hundreds of chakras in the energy anatomy, and seven chakras that are most known. These seven chakras are located along the spinal column up into the head. The chakras function as energy distribution centers. When the chakras are balanced, new life force energy flows through channels called nadis, or meridians in TCM, and into the chakras to be distributed throughout the auric field. When the chakras are unbalanced, or blocked, life force energy cannot flow into the subtle bodies, nor can lower vibrational energy be released. 

The first chakra is called the root chakra, or Muladhara in Sanskrit, and it is located in the area of the perineum. This chakra governs the energy associated with safety and survival. The second chakra is the sacral chakra, or Swadhisthana, located at the lower back, genitals, and hips. It is associated with reproduction, sexuality, and creativity. The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra, or manipura, located a couple of inches above the navel. It is the center of the sense of self, power, and energy. The fourth chakra is the heart chakra, anahata, located in the center of the chest, which allows for the giving and receiving of unconditional love. The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, or vishuddha, which governs communication and allows you to take in and express information. The six chakra is the brow chakra, or ajna, in the center of the eyebrows which is considered to be the third eye, or the mind’s eye of wisdom. The seventh chakra is the crown, or sahasrara chakra. This chakra is located at the top of the head and connects the energy bodies to the greater collective energy field. 

When we understand the vibrational fields of energy that surround the body, we learn how these fields affect each other. The practice of energy wellness works to restore health by addressing the imbalances of energy in the energy body. The balance of these energies creates a harmonious flow of life force energy resulting in optimal health and well-being.

In Lesson 2 you will learn exactly what these frequencies and energies that affect our health are.