“This book embodies all of the essential qualities of Dr. Tom Sult. The style is inquisitive, boldly honest, and full of intelligence, heart, and humor. His use of story and metaphor breathe life into concepts that are otherwise difficult to explain, and the chapters at times read like a detective novel; you can’t wait to see what he will discover next! His examples of patients experiencing common problems for which he identifies uncommonly recognized causes bring hope to anyone with chronic medical conditions. After reading this book, you will want to find yourself a functional medicine doctor and participate in the movement to make medicine more personalized and patient focused. It’s Dr. Sult’s grateful tribute to those who have inspired him, and you, too, will be inspired by his words. If you can’t have Dr. Sult as your doctor, at least you will benefit from his wisdom and experience in this fascinating exploration of functional medicine.” – Nancy Sudak, MD Executive Director, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine