“I know you know all of this, but when I came to you after YEARS of misdiagnosis, it was not just my physical health that was a problem.  It wasn’t even just my mental health. It was that my soul was damaged by all the medical and mental health professionals who used words and phrases like, “attention seeking, psychosomatic, secondary gains, all in your head, not as sick as you think you are,” all of those things that said there was nothing wrong inside me. It is crazy making. During that whole time, I only met two doctors who did not make me feel worse. They believed something was wrong, but said they didn’t know what, and therefore, couldn’t help. Then I met you. I could cry every time I see you (and often do) because you listened, you believed, you sought an answer. Your belief in what no one else could see — your brain that works so DIFFERENTLY than others — your ability to synthesize information as a SCIENTIST, and not as an apprentice of a former preceptor — all those things saved me. Yes, I am your “problem child,” as you said one day, but I never felt like you saw ME as the problem. You saw the whole system of my body, including my mind, and always not only wanted the best for me, but sought answers by looking for different hypotheses, never blaming ME. I DREAD going to doctors! I have done therapy, I had done EMDR work for the stress I feel approaching the health care system. But I NEVER felt that with you. I cannot ever express how you healed my soul, by believing my description of my own symptoms and asking me to EXPAND, not minimized my symptoms, by walking this journey with me”. – Deb