Soothe your Six Senses

From a Limbic system point of view, you have 6 senses. The senses are sight, hear, smell, touch, taste and cognition. The limbic system cannot discern a current from a remembered or an imagined thing so emotional processes such as fear, threat, anger, etc. are also “sensory” to the limbic system. 

It is important to note as you progress through the stages in the program, you may experience moments in which you find it difficult to maintain control over your thoughts and emotions. The third stage in the Limbic Retraining Program is to create a Sensory Soothing Kit to assist you during these difficult times. The Sensory Soothing Kit includes an item for each of the 6 senses, that carries with it a soothing memory or sensory experience. The positive association attributed to each object will help you become present and give you an opportunity to respond and manage the current stressor. It should be small enough to carry. 

Ideas for each of the senses might include:

  1. Sight: a picture of a loved one or pet, a color, an object.
  2. Hear: a sound, singing bowl, recording, song, something you can sing or hum.
  3. Smell: a scent, an essential oil, a perfume.
  4. Touch: an object with meaning, a “warm and fuzzy.”
  5. Taste: a flavor you enjoy or that carries special meaning.
  6. Cognition: a precious memory, a soothing memory, a memory of overcoming an obstacle.

When you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by a circumstance, turn to your Sensory Soothing Kit to interrupt, blunt or reverse this sense of overwhelm. 

Below is a series of informative articles to help you learn more about our Limbic System Retraining Program:

Stage 1: Use of supplements to soothe and calm the Limbic system.

Stage 2: emWave device and Heart Math to teach you how to find Parasympathetic balance.

Stage 3: Sensory Soothing Kit is a rescue kit to help you when getting overstimulated.

Stage 4: Modifiable lifestyle factors help you build healthy healing habits.

Stage 5: AM and PM Ritual to deepen the practice of stage 2 and prepares you for stage 6.

Stage 6: Insight Training