In our Energy Wellness series, we have discussed energetic principles that explain how energy moves through our physical and subtle energy bodies and contributes to our overall health and well-being. Building on the concept of electromagnetic frequencies and their fields in the previous lesson, we begin to approach the concept of interconnectedness. Just as everything is made of energy, everything is also connected. 

For thousands of years cultures have understood the interconnected nature of our reality. They used these principles to elevate human health and consciousness. Science now supports the concept of the interconnectedness of reality with research showing how frequencies can interact with and influence the behavior and composition of other frequencies that are seemingly distant. Spearheading this research, The Institute of Noetic Sciences developed the field of Noetic Sciences to bridge the gap between our intuitive interconnected nature and science. Through their experiments and research they have shown evidence that shifts in collective consciousness can bring about transformation of human behavior and physiology. This is sometimes referred to as Distance Healing Intention (DHI), a practice where a person’s intention can heal another from a distance. This can be seen in cultures that practice intercessory prayer or group meditation to promote healing of a person or bring about compassionate resolution for external conflicts. This research provides promising results about the effectiveness of non-local energy wellness modalities. 

Building on distance healing capabilities is the practice of Biofeedback Scanning, sometimes called Quantum Biofeedback. Quantum Biofeedback is used to detect and correct physical and emotional imbalances in the body. Just as X-rays and blood tests provide information on the physical state of the body, Quantum Biofeedback provides information on the energy state of the body. It does this using a Biofeedback device that sends a frequency to the body’s immune and energy systems. The body reacts by producing a flow of energy throughout the body that is then measured by the device. From these measurements, the device conducts a bio-survey to detect any variations from the body’s optimal frequency that can be a result of viruses, deficiencies, or imbalances. Once the bio-survey is complete, the Quantum Biofeedback device pinpoints specific frequencies to remedy the imbalance and sends them back to the body to re-harmonize it with the individual’s optimal frequency. It may add or reverse a frequency depending on the body’s specific need. The scan is non-invasive, painless and safe for infants, children, and adults of all ages. 

Because we are interconnected through various fields of energy, Biofeedback systems can connect to an individual’s specific energetic fingerprint and conduct a Biofeedback scan for non-local energy healing. Clients can be across the country from their energy wellness practitioner while still receiving remote biofeedback scans. The individual’s energetic fingerprint can be generated from a sample of hair to be used to calibrate the biofeedback device, and biofeedback can then be emitted to the client non-locally through specific frequencies. These have been found to be highly effective for many people, especially in our current climate where accessing face to face care may not be possible.