For MOST people, the first sign of Heart Disease is a


1 IN 10 DIE!

Now there is a better way.  

Multifunction CardioGram (MCG)

MCG is a new non-invasive 5-minute test that is 90 to 100 % as sensitive as the invasive cardiac catheterization at picking up clinically important heart artery blockages1.

Waiting for symptoms is obviously a bad strategy. But the common stress test is barley better than chance at predicting heart disease. The gold standard is a highly invasive cardiac catherization, where a catheter is placed in an artery and slid into your heart. MCG is non-invasive, takes only 5 minutes, and is 90-100 % as sensitive as the invasive cardiac catheterization.

This technology is a game-changer. Now every 50-year-old (or younger person with risk factors) can get a 5-minute test that will tell them if they need aggressive diet, lifestyle or pharmaceutical intervention, an interventional cardiologist or nothing. All these expensive and unnecessary admissions for “chest pain” can be effectively prevented to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars saved for you. And the 20 percent of asymptomatic, unsuspecting people we lose every year to acute coronary syndrome will hopefully live longer lives due to earlier detection.

Dr. Shen, the developer of MCG Technology, says it was created to solve an intractable problem in cardiology – extreme and unacceptable inaccuracies of the traditional EKG.

He goes on to say “In one very large study, up to 62 percent of people who are sent for invasive diagnostic coronary angiograms (which are very expensive and accompanied by risk of death or injuries) do not need the procedure,” MCG can change that.

The MCG system is a revolution in cardiac care, leveraging the principles of Computational Biology and Systems Analysis to assist physicians in the detection of coronary ischemia. MCG uses EKG information in a new way. It measures the interaction between two EKG leads. This results in a highly predictive result. This is more sensitive than any other non – or – minimally invasive cardiac (Heart) risk test.

MCG can be used for:

  • Quantitative early detection of CAD ischemia (heart disease)
  • Evaluation of treatment effectiveness
  • A stress and radiation free solution for Point of Care diagnosis
  • Evaluation of post stent risk of reoccurrence

Large numbers of heart attack and sudden cardiac death victims have less than 50% coronary artery narrowing, indicating that early detection is vital. The MCG system is currently the only non-invasive method of detecting coronary artery disease at these early stages.

For most people, the very first symptom they have regarding heart disease is a heart attack. Moreover, within one year of a heart attack 10-20% will die. Two-thirds of heart attack patients never fully recover. Within 6 years, 23% of men and 32% of women will have sudden death and 20% of patients will have congestive heart failure. Prevention is the key. MCG is the key to the prevention of heart disease.

The MCG diagnostic technology assigns an overall severity score for heart disease burden, which enables physicians to quickly assess a patient and determine if additional evaluation and treatment is required.

The short testing time, rapid report turnaround and exceptional accuracy combine to make MCG an ideal Heart Health screening test.

The MCG fits into Functional Medicine quite nicely. As you can see from the Functional Medicine Matrix graphic below the MCG informs nearly every area.  (see for a detailed description of functional medicine)