“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

Nicola Tesla

Everything is Energy

Energy is all around us. From the billions of stars in our galaxy to the billions of cells in our bodies, energy comprises everything. Humans evolved from a sea of naturally occurring electromagnetic fields and frequencies of energy. Some of these fields are created from the sun’s energy, electrical storms that pass around the world, and from the earth itself. The energy that is moving and oscillating in the cosmos is the same energy that exists inside each of us. Through the developments in the field of quantum physics and research on these energies and their effects on humans, Western medicine has begun validating the practice of energy wellness. In the field of energy wellness, practitioners treat the energy body to raise the totality of being to a level of wellness where disease cannot flourish. It incorporates the physical and energy bodies to promote whole life wellness.

Historical Roots of Energy Wellness

Ancient cultures developed medical systems based on energetic principles of the universe and the body. They recognized that there is a flow of energy that supports life and exists inside each individual that connects them with the greater energies of the universe. From this connection the human body functions in harmony with these natural energies creating health and vitality. This life force has several names including Qi, Prana, Mana, and Spirit to name a few.

One of the oldest energy wellness practices is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Chinese term for life energy is Qi. Qi is the essential concept of vital energy in the practice of acupuncture, Qigong, Reiki and other energy healing arts. Ayurveda is another ancient medical system with foundations in energy wellness. Developed in India thousands of years ago, Ayurveda is practiced throughout the world and is incorporated into many Western medical systems. A foundational principle of Ayurveda is the connection between mind and body, and that the mind has the power to heal and change the entire being. It emphasizes maintaining a balance of energy within the body’s energy fields to promote health and wellbeing. Yogic philosophy and practice uses the same concept of the subtle life force energy called Prana. Nature gives rise to Prana, and it is absorbed from the food, water, and air we ingest. This energy generates every action and thought in our body and mind.

These ancient practices helped inform and develop an understanding of the greater role that energy plays in the health and healing of our bodies. They each share the belief that life force energy flows through different channels in the body. In TCM these channels are called meridians and in Yogic philosophy they are called nadis and chakras. Illness arises from an irregular flow of life force energy in the form of blocks or excesses in the body. When energy flows unobstructed, there is health and wellness.

Modern Energy Work

Today’s energy wellness practices are developed from these ancient energy principles. There is a greater consensus in the Western medical and scientific community in support of energy principles such as the existence of the Biofield, the energy surrounding the body, and its relationship to human health. These energies are known as subtle energies because earlier science was unable to observe and measure them. However, with developments in science, technology, and consciousness, these subtle energy fields can now be measured and their frequencies are being used to promote health and deter illness in energy wellness practice.

One modern energy wellness modality is the use of frequency generators and Oscillating Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (OPEF). Electromagnetic generators can be used to create natural frequencies such as the Schumann resonance to promote relaxation and healing. The Schumann resonance is the frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field and can be thought of as the heartbeat of the earth. It pulses at an average of 7.83Hz which is the same frequency as the alpha waves in the human brain when it is resting and healing. An increase of other electromagnetic frequencies and radiation in our environment from modern technology has led to a deficit in Schumann resonance healing frequencies in our Biofields. Thus, electromagnet generators are used to produce stable healing frequencies to help “re-tune” the Biofield to these healing energies.

To learn more about energy wellness, we have developed a three part series to provide you with an in-depth exploration of its principles and effective applications:

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