First, we know that addiction is a brain disease not a moral failing or character flaw.

Most clinics focus on one therapy. For addiction that is generally counselling of some kind. Some clinics use Ketamine. Others use NAD+. Occasionally a clinic will use Myers IV. A few will use Brain mapping and EEG biofeedback.

We combine all these treatments.

The program starts days or even weeks before you show up at our clinic. We have you use a powerful information gathering tool called the “Living Matrix”. It helps us understand your ATM’s (Antecedents, Triggers, and Mediators) and how to correct them. This alone is a powerful additional intervention. It is like an “X-ray” of your life history.  It also gathers your prior medical history etc.

On your first day as part of your intake we do a qEEG or brain map to understand how your brain is functioning, and how to optimize it.

An NAD+ drip is started to reduce cravings and start the healing process. NAD+ has a remarkably wide range of actions. It helps improve mental clarity, reduce cravings, pain, and improve mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are the vital source of energy in our cells. Without proper intracellular energy, you will not be able to make neurotransmitters, hormones, proteins, DNA, heal or feel energetic. It will be a powerful tool in your transformation.

Next a Ketamine drip is started to open communication with your subconscious mind. We use ketamine not only for its known pharmacological action on addiction but also for its “sacred” dimensions of healing. Ketamine has been shown in many studies to lower craving and even reduce interest in addiction behavior. It also reduces depression, anxiety, PTSD, and pain. But it can also induce “non-ordinary” states of consciousness often called the sacred dimension of consciousness. These can have profound effects; similar to those of Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens “A Christmas Carol” and can be life transforming. These experiences are integrated with daily coaching. Sessions may also include Ketamine assisted psychotherapy.

Continued physical healing is facilitated by Myers IV. These are Nutritional IV designed to replenish your intracellular nutrition. Addiction, of all types, depletes you nutritionally. Myers are an effective way to rapidly reverse the depleted and damaged cells.

EEG biofeedback helps you learn how to control your thoughts and impulses. Just 10 days of EEG biofeedback can have the same effect as years of meditation.

The program is comprehensive; IV’s, EEG biofeedback, coaching, Psychotherapy and more. 10 days of transformation physically, metaphysically, mentally, and spiritually.