Dr. Thomas Sult

Just Be Well is a brand founded by Dr. Thomas Sult.

Just Be Well is about Whole life wellness. Our mission is to elevate wellness to the point that illness can not flourish. Whole life means not only birth to death it is also about all domains of life. Functional Medicine is a systems biology-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of physiologic dysfunction that contribute to disease. Systems Biology is based on the understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts .

We elevate wellness by optimizing each of these areas.

Non-Physiologic area like: 

Mental e.g. Cognitive, and perceptual patterns.

Emotional e.g. Emotional regulation, Grief, Sadness, anger, fear, love, etc.

Social e.g. Relationships with friends, family, and community.

Spiritual e.g. Meaning, Purpose, Relationship with something greater; Assimilation.

Physiologic areas like:

Assimilation e.g. Digestion, Absorption, Microbiota (Gut Bacteria), respiration.

Defense and Repair e.g. Immune, Inflammation, Infection.

Energy e.g. energy regulation, Mitochondrial function.

Biotransformation and Elimination e.g. Detoxification and Toxicity.

Transport e.g. Cardiovascular, Lymphatic. and intracellular.

Communication e.g. Endocrine (Hormones), neurotransmitters, immune messengers.

Structural Integrity e.g. Subcellular membranes to Musculoskeletal structure.

Here is an article from Experience Life Magazine article on Functional Medicine featuring Dr. Sult:

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